Salon Christine has metamorphosed into Clementine!

I have a motto...well....we all know by now that I have many mottos and I love to share them! "If you love what you do, there are a million ways to spin the wheel and reinvent yourself".

"At the end of every day, remember to congratulate yourself."

–Christine Goodis
“Wait….WHAAAAA????!!! There she goes again! Now what’s that gypsy up to?”

I have a motto…well….we all know by now that I have many mottos and I love to share them! “If you love what you do, there are a million ways to spin the wheel and reinvent yourself”. Because I ADORE and am IN LOVE with my career , I  am constantly struggling with being in the moment as well as thinking 100 steps ahead. Life and work balance has become so apparent to me over these past few years of extreme change in my personal life.

So, with no further ado, I humbly and proudly announce Clementine and Coyote Tangerine!

“Clem and coyote what, you say?”
Ha! Yes! I have been Salon Christine since 1995!  I needed a face lift so that I can bring my freshest to you starting now (and not at all insinuating that you or I are not fresh). We ALL have been through so very much and we ALL have supported one another diligently. Along with that brings new, fresh, bright and sparkling!

So, here you are, a baby I’ve been working on with two dynamic women, Gina Mazza and Veronica Chordas. These three amigas collaborated with technology, vision, wordsmithing and voila! Here you are and here we are together! Coyote Tangerine is here to muse, to share, to envision, to chant, to write poetry, to elaborate and to connect with you not only about your hair but about how we maneuver thru life in our best way possible. Leaving a trail of sparkles and happy thoughts, I will touch base with you from time to time to lift you or to humor you or to ease your mind. We can all pick a subject to save or help on this beautiful planet we live on, but how about we all start with ourselves first. That creates one of my most favorite subjects, “the butterfly effect”.

In the meantime, please take a slow stroll on your computer when reviewing my new virtual website-book of beautiful images, services to adorn yourself with and words to carry you away to softer places in your mind, body and heart.

If you feel a gentle light breeze across your face suddenly, know that Coyote Tangerine has passed thru your thoughts. You are important and special and unique!

With love
Coyote Tangerine


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